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    • A Record Of It All
      How are our players doing?

    • Interesting Fact
      The opening ceremony of the Olympic Games are highlighted by the lighting of the Olympic Flame. This was followed by the release of doves (symbolizing peace) and was first done at the post–World War I 1920 Summer Olympics but discontinued after several doves were burned alive in the Olympic Flame during the 1988 Summer Olympics opening.

    • More About Our Players
      Nike is the Goddess of Victory

      Apollo is the god of dance, music, healing and medicine, archery and reason. Apollos relationships are always flawed.

      Hey I just post the definitions, I don't make it up. (Hate the game don't hate the playa)

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    October 12, 2005



    I also was thinking of Medusa Do you buy costumes or attempt to make your wn Im a BIG fan of creating my own so any thoughts? I'm thinking of making my husband be a greek soldier turned to stone.


    I told you not to bring up the Batman costume in front of our friends; it's for "special" occasions only! AND NO, you can not bring the utility belt out in PUBLIC JEESH! Shall we just spill all of our intimate secrets here? Oh and "DEMANDED"? Zeus=Old Crotchety God, Apollo=Super Hot Archer Nature God... Yah, bad choice on my part...


    Hi this is Apollo

    Hey Nike, I thought you were joking when you said that we were dressing up like Nike and Apollo! In fact, I laughed about it later that night when I tried on my new batman costume! Ok, if I dress up like Apollo, can I wear my batman utility belt?

    Also, I wanted to be called Zeus (you know, divine king, leader of gods) but no, Nike "demanded" I was Apollo.

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