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      How are our players doing?

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      The opening ceremony of the Olympic Games are highlighted by the lighting of the Olympic Flame. This was followed by the release of doves (symbolizing peace) and was first done at the post–World War I 1920 Summer Olympics but discontinued after several doves were burned alive in the Olympic Flame during the 1988 Summer Olympics opening.

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      Nike is the Goddess of Victory

      Apollo is the god of dance, music, healing and medicine, archery and reason. Apollos relationships are always flawed.

      Hey I just post the definitions, I don't make it up. (Hate the game don't hate the playa)

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    August 16, 2005



    John I think you misstate Heisenberg slightly. Commutable states, [x,y]=0, can be defined simultaneously. While Heisenberg works here, there really is no need. Since as the distance between them gets smaller, the time it take Achilles to reach the tortoise also gets smaller, the infinite sum of distances converges to a finite amount of time. In other words, Achilles keeps on reaching the tortoise's 'starting' position faster and faster until he is there in no time!

    John Carmichael

    Hmmm.... Assumption v=constant????
    By laws physics start either implies a moment of time or a moment of action. If v=constant then Vo and To are only at equilibrium at the singular moment in time + Position in said case then yes Achilles cannot overtake the tortoise.

    Heisenberg illustrated that we cannot ascertain accurately two separate physical states in the same formula within a degree a accuracy "x" where x = a finite number.

    At Time N (Tn) we can either measure Vsub or Position (Psub). As Vsub is a function of T then the only measurement can be that of Psub when Vsub=Vinstant. In a function of time Vsub as well as the missing component here Vprime or acceleration implies a progressing clock at which point no accuracy can be applied to Psub!

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